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12 Years ago I challenge myself did one of JDM GSR VTEC engine with automatic transmission swap into a EG Coupe .... Many years later I'm did again... this time is EG civic hatchback automatic Engine swap with power steering but None A/C system due to parts hard to come by and those vehicle almost 30 years old ... Key Point for you to successful on this swap... 1.Complete JDM GS-R Engine & Automatic Transmission (must be OBD-1) 2. Integra Automatic motor & tranny mounts included T-bucket 3. JDM GS-R OBD-1 ECU with 4 Pin Plug available... 4. Power steering pump & A/C compressor it's option . 5.Wires harness Diagram... 6. Original D-series Engine wires harness add VTEC and Knock sensor wires 7.Re-pin the Shift control solenoid Valve A & B 8.make sure you tie the radiator hose good no leak cost over heat issue 9. Check everything when you done the swap... 10. EK swap need use OBD-2 to OBD-1 jump harness by add addition wires into the tranny part of sensor... Now if your ready to do this kind swap good luck for you ... Gary @ Wang Auto Inc Pelham, NH 03076 for Wire Diagram Please the Link...


This video will show you how I fixed the horn and breaklights of a 2008 Acura TL. Leave me feedback if you have any questions regarding Honda and Acura troubleshooting.

這部影片是由關於2012年本田喜美跑車加裝機械增壓裝置在這部車上、車主講述了有關於他選擇機械增壓裝置的原因及最後的結果出爐了、這部本田跑車增加150匹馬力、最主要的原因是這部車改裝的像原裝車一樣的穩定而且我們放在馬力調整機器上做了最好的調整... 如果對我們所做的工作有興趣的話請可以到我的網站去搜尋這部車改裝的所有資料 我們車行的地址是在美國新罕布夏州本人專精本田汽車改裝... 地址如下: 120 Main St Pelham, NH 03076 電話:(603)635-3252 歡迎來電指教⋯⋯ Started with a 2012 Honda Civic Si and gave it lots of power by installing Kraftwerks supercharger kit heres the story so far.... The Result was a sweet 335 WHP... Now it's time to upgrade the ride... Owner : Jacob Foster

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