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Like Trophy said... We all talk a lot S*** .Actually We can back up it...Won the game !! Abraham Alba Have a telant into the race & tune Scene and Truly love Honda game... Also team support will back him out His talking ... Yes Dare to Dream and Dream big as you can ... Live your Dream today Honda Life FTW !! Congration the Nina Team...

This video will show you how I fixed the horn and breaklights of a 2008 Acura TL. Leave me feedback if you have any questions regarding Honda and Acura troubleshooting.

Javier Rivera ..the man have a Passion in mind He want to build a Dream Car ..A Turbo Charger Honda Accord ! Since He was 18 years old... Many years later the His Passion still there ....finally 2014 with all the help and commitment His dream come true! We proud of His Effect and Belief lead this Project presentable to the People love the Honda and truly believe you can Achieve your Goal.. So Let's seat back Enjoy Part 1 Video ...

Learn to Earn ...Dear to Dearm ! Every Successful story had Sad story behind it...but they all starting from have your Dearm you want achiever... if you know Javier Rivera in his mind he want 500 HP daily drive Honda Accord ...He will find the way to complete it ! Part 2 of this Video just share how his mind set and go though all the problem has been met and make him focus keep going to the goal is his believe ...and never and ever give up is the key to reach the Goal !

這部影片是由關於2012年本田喜美跑車加裝機械增壓裝置在這部車上、車主講述了有關於他選擇機械增壓裝置的原因及最後的結果出爐了、這部本田跑車增加150匹馬力、最主要的原因是這部車改裝的像原裝車一樣的穩定而且我們放在馬力調整機器上做了最好的調整... 如果對我們所做的工作有興趣的話請可以到我的網站去搜尋這部車改裝的所有資料 我們車行的地址是在美國新罕布夏州本人專精本田汽車改裝... 地址如下: 120 Main St Pelham, NH 03076 電話:(603)635-3252 歡迎來電指教⋯⋯ Started with a 2012 Honda Civic Si and gave it lots of power by installing Kraftwerks supercharger kit heres the story so far.... The Result was a sweet 335 WHP... Now it's time to upgrade the ride... Owner : Jacob Foster .

This is the second of our series on test fitting the K20C into other Honda chassis. This time we try it in cars that came equipped with a K-series engine. We have a 7th, 8th and 9th gen Civic. Our 7th gen Civic came originally with a D17, but the engine bay is almost identical to the EP3 and RSX. The new Accord with the K20C1 turbo is at dealers now, so we have started the countdown until we see one in a salvage yard. Luckily, we got the oil pan from that engine and found some surprises. Stay tuned for future videos where we try the engine in an EF, DA, and ZF (CRZ) chassis. What do you think? Do you have a question or comment? Leave it down below and well do our best to answer it. If you like our videos please subscribe and hit the bell so you get notifications when a new video is available. Better yet, head over the and buy a VTEC Academy T-shirt. You'll look great and we appreciate the support.

With only 160 miles this is the First Honda Civic Type R to hold a Salvage title. Thanks to Edward for tipping me off on this car. Link to IAA Auction: Link to Jalopnik Articles: Parts Link: Link to workshop manuals to help you rebuild cars: Video on Workshop Manuals: Email Me: Instagram: Music by Joakim Karud

Guess what we have? A brand new Type R. We put it up on the lift at Hasport and look around the car. Then we pull the engine out. That's right, we pulled the engine out. All in the interest of education. Look for a more in-depth video looking at the engine in a future episode. Sorry about the audio. I did just by a new mic for future videos.

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